Cannabis Not As Hazardous Whilst The Wall Street Journal Will Have You Imagine

Cannabis Not As Hazardous Whilst The Wall Street Journal Will Have You Imagine

Needless to say, misinformation will continue to jeopardize the medical cannabis industry, a concern that is major medical practioners and patients alike. Whenstatements are deliberately crafted utilizing cherry-picked and misinterpreted conclusions in a way that they show clear bias, the concepts that are underlying become as dangerous as they are unscientific. Whenever these opinion-fueled some ideas are then published by outlets as influential once the Wall Street Journal, legitimate, licensed cannabis that are medical and scientists are obligated to brace up against the coming waves of myth, social stigma, and uncertain status that is legislative.

Claims that cannabis utilize, whether recreational or medical, could cause or enhance rates of psychological disease and crime that is violent just provide to instill fear within the minds associated with public. Doing this at such a vital tipping point for medical clients into the U.S., whom could experience significant respite from many physical|range that is wide of and psychological medical conditions threatens to slow the progress with this industry that concentrates entirely on supplying effective therapy. These kind of misinformed and biased articles serve as bit more than scare tactics as they are incredibly reckless.

Cannabis and Mental Disease

Probably the many concept that is offensive by Alex Berenson’s present Wall Street Journal op-ed, entitled “Marijuana Is more Than that is dangerous you, is an association between cannabis legality and mental infection. But don’t be fooled–as any statistics that are good understands, correlation will not imply causation. To phrase it differently, just because a couple of things may appear associated, it doesn’t imply that one causes the other, or vice versa.

Berenson’s claim that “for centuries, individuals throughout the global world grasped that cannabis causes illness that is mental physical violence” is certainly categorically untrue. […]